Welcome to the official Ravers-Geriatric website.

Who is a Raver-Geriatric?

An RG is any person who is at least 25 years old and involved and/or interested in the techno/rave scene, whether as music-lovin' technohead or a full-blown, phat-pants-wearin',lollipop-suckin', PLURry raver. As you might imagine, we are some interesting and diverse people.

What is the Raver-Geriatric electronic mailing list?

It is a centralized e-mail account through which each subscriber communicates with the entire group. Discussion can be on anything one wishes to talk about, whether rave-related or not. Parties, politics, PLUR, or potatoes- any subject is up for grabs as long as the person talking about it appreciates techno/rave culture. The list hosts subscribers from all over the United States, from San Francisco to Boston, as well as from Europe and South America.

You must be a confirmed subscriber to be able to post. As a result, there is no spam or advertising to wade through, and it is requested that we keep it that way. The opinions stated on Ravers-Geriatric are private communications among a volunteer group and may not be used for any governmental purpose whatsoever without the express, prior, written consent of the author.
RG was founded by Jammin' James E. and is currently adminstered by T-Snake.

What are the requirements for subscription to Ravers-Geriatric?
There are 4 absolute, yet easy-to-fulfill requirements for membership:
  1. You must be at least 25 years old. If you are not, you are free to lurk, but please refrain from posting your not-yet-matured thoughts;
  2. You must have an interest in raving and the music generally classified as techno (yes, jungle counts - good question though);
  3. You must introduce yourself upon subscribing. After that, you need not say a word, but we all like to know a little bit about who is listening; and
  4. You must not be an agent of the law enforcement community engaged in any investigation sponsored by the local, state, or federal government. If you are, please immediately unsubscribe or so state publicly so that we can immediately use the Force and kick you off for being a member of the Dark Empire.
How did this list get started and where is it hosted?
As many enduring things, Ravers-Geriatric began as a bit of joke. On March 12, 1996, a 30-something raver known then as Jammin' James E. wrote a post to a crew of elderly ravers entitled 'Searchin' For Love in All the Wrong Places.' He had not dated anyone seriously for a year or so and was wondering how other people in his unique and frustrating social position were handling it. At the time, the fact that geriatric ravers might have other things in common (or not so common)was secondary. Since such humble and humorous beginnings, with the excellent help of Brian Behelendorf, Ravers-Geriatric has been placed on Hyperreal.org's list-serve and grown to a subscriber base of over 100 people.
How do I join the list?
Send an e-mail message from the account you want subscribed to the address: raverg-subscribe aaaaat hyperreal.org (replace aaaaat with @) with the subject line and body of the message left blank. Once you have been confirmed by the list-administrator, you may post your messages to the list by writing to raverg@hyperreal.org.

How do I get off the list?
Send an e-mail message from the same account from which you subscribed to the address raverg-unsubscribe@hyperreal.org, again with the subject line and body of the message left blank.

How do I get my spiffy bio on this site?

You can't any longer. Many are on Facebook now and there's a private group. If you're on list and care enough, you can look it up and request to join. The bio purpose of this site has been better served with modern social networking done (relatively) well.